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my stash

I am systematically going though ravelry with the intention of finding patterns for all my handspun. This is harder than one might think since I have a vagtrillion 40yd skeins of varying weight yarns. My kooky side says to knit them all into some kind of repulsive mass that I would never wear, but the logical side says I need to showcase each one with it's own fancy hat or whatever. I have done one such hat already with some handspun I receive in the Shop The Swap swap, which I am totally engrossed in.
Basically the idea is you put up crafted items with point values, usually ranging from .5-3pts and people use their points to buy things from you. When they do you get the points and you accumulate them and use them to buy other things. It's a great way to "cheaply" feed my fiber habit as I can get a few ounces of good merino for 2 points instead of 15 dollars and the gas money to drive to Bham. It has increased my trips to the PO for sure, but I am such a mail whore I can hardly complain.
I have also picked up my endpaper mits again after a long rest. I have knit a number of pretty big things since finishing the 1st and it seems all but time to start up again. The second one is just FLYING and I am nearly at the thumb gusset. huzzah!

without anymore blathering, the few things that I have knit in between all my spinning, and since my last endpaper. we will call it the

spring beret in merino handspun

spincycle harf from the wonderful book intertwined. Pattern by a lovely bellingham spinner/designer. Yarn is merino and silk handspun, some I made ages ago when I 1st started. It is overspun and weird in bits and that is kind of why i love it.

this kind of dumpy looking headband. the yarn was pretty but cotton just sucks to knit. what else am i to do with 16 yards of yarn?

oh....and i spun some more of that superwash sock yarn :D
the "dye lot" is a bit different from the other, so I may be making some subtly striped socks, overdying two mismatched socks, or just not caring and having two different socks.

probably the latter.
again, this is wool from shop the swap. yay!
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