a sweater poorly knit (sweaterpoorly) wrote,
a sweater poorly knit

some yarn porn, roving, and stuff I have been working on


from hank in the hood, via crafster.org swap
the bamboo the made up the inner layer of the batt came off in my hands like crazy, so i now have a bag of electric blue bamboo that I am itching to get carded into ANOTHER batt...I am thinking black, along with some other scraps from other spinning projects

more roving. black, mill end (i'm pretty sure) and will make a nice, long spinning project in the future

merino, cashmere, angora and viscose blend ripped from a sweater
700 yds

value village wool. lofty-spun kind of like manos or something. super cheap and will make a great...something
green:176 yds
teal: 55 yds

finished the mrs darcy sweater
pictures with sleeves to come.
all in all the sweater turned out perfectly. I used some mods to make it a slightly bigger bust and crocheted all around the edge as well as the placket to stop it from rolling in. If you would like my 37" bust mods, just let me know or check my ravelry. I think they are all posted there.
the yarn is cascade eco wool which i overdyed with rit dye. easy peasy with a slight varigation that is really pretty.

next project:

snow white sweater... be still my heart.

need to find a yarn that won't drape and hang like cotton/bamboo but won't overheat me or be itchy like most wool. Also, I don't want to spend a zillion dollars.... *sigh*

Also, something to do with 700 yds of bright green, super soft worsted/aran yarn...hhmmm
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