a sweater poorly knit (sweaterpoorly) wrote,
a sweater poorly knit

New Yarns

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it's been too long!!

sorry! i have been spinning like a mother bitch.

wool, glitz, cotton thread and glass beads

merino wool

superwash wool, more of this to come

obviously not handspun...bought this on a whim...darnit

cotton, silk thread and vintage pearls

much more yarn to come my lovelies

if you have not already, add me on ravelry. same name as here.
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eeee! I love the first one.
Bryan's mom just bought me some chocolate brown Angora (all lumpy and awesome) and my mom and I got a POUND of goat wool (a nice gray Sara-color).
I loves it.
OOOH! take pictures of what you spinsies!
I shall :D (That means I have to *gasp!* FINISH something!)