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Knitting Ennui

Like any good relationship, my relationship with knitting is ever changing. When I first learned it was pretty monotonous, garter stitch every day, scarves, but i stuck by knitting through all the doldrums out of duty. After a while I forgot about knitting and was distracted by everyday life. Sometime my sophomore year of highschool i saw a ball of lime green homespun(the acrylic kind, not the nice, SPUN kind) and I went crazy with delight. I had knit a few other patterns before this, hats and other things in stockinette, but something snapped and I was hooked on the needles again. Soon I was the knitting girl. My grandma was thrilled. I went through little lulls here and there, but I have pretty much had a project on my needles at all time ever since. After I finished my dad's kilt socks, I tried starting firestarter socks for myself, but was discouraged. So I started Mrs Darcy, but swatching errors, yarn issues and gauge in general got the better of my and it was thrown on the heap. So knitting and I are..taking a break dare i say it?!
Any good, soothing patterns to spice the relationship back up? I am thinking socks, but if you all have other kinky suggestions go right ahead.

right now my relationship with spinning is getting pretty serious... I hope knitting doesn't find out...

BFL wool from sakina needles.com in "arctic salmon"--268 yrds
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