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my holiday knitting, finished


My toirneach kilt stockings turned out wonderfully. I stitched up the toe of the 1st somewhere over the midwest as I flew to florida with my family and started the heelflap of the second on the flight home then finished the entire thing right after new year. easy pattern for the size of them and all. I really liked working on them and my dad loves them. He tried it on when we were on the plane and stuck his foot up in the air to show me it fit.
On the flight back a woman noticed my knitting sticking out of my bag and said "what are you knitting?" and i told her and she was impressed, then she told me about the baby dress she was making (baby dress with "an edge I have never done... i ripped it out twice") We bemoaned poorly written patterns and picot edges. It was silly and she said to her husband "see honey, we speak our own language" haha. It was really cute

I came back home and checked my mail which I had held until I got back from my christmas break and got my swap package from the "get all this fiber in the mail and spin it into something cool" swap. I also got the package I sent to my swap partner...back... ugh
anyway, here be the pictures of what I was sent

locks...which I have NEVER spun

inego just to try out



fleece artisty love

I also got a 50 dollar splurge at any yarn store of my choosing.... hmmm what to buy?
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