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IRON CRAFT [08 Jan 2011|02:19pm]
I will be using this blog....for realz.

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some things I have made [13 Jul 2009|10:04pm]
[ mood | awake ]


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OM NOM NOM FIBER-SWAP [10 Jul 2009|05:31pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

baby batt club! summer days I & II

from the lovely loves2experiment on craftster.orgCollapse )
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NWRSA spinning convention [08 Jun 2009|07:36pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

A few weeks ago when I was in Bellingham at my favorite fiber haunt, Northwest Handspun Yarns, people kept asking me "coming to the convention?!" and so I had to see what was up. Turns out the Northwest Region Spinning Association giant spinning and fiber fest was upon us, so I grabbed my friend sara and we drove just down the street from here and had a BLAST

this was on one of the buildings and it made us LOL

Check the HaulCollapse )
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some yarn porn, roving, and stuff I have been working on [17 Apr 2009|01:54pm]

moarCollapse )
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what should I buy?! [05 Mar 2009|09:42am]
click it!!!

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mmmswift [04 Mar 2009|10:25pm]

Originally uploaded by sweaterpoorly4
This will save my life some day... i know it.

Seeing how i just poorly hanked a bunch of cascade eco wool and dyed it, I'm sure it will get some use very soon. <3
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knit-stuff for christmas [02 Jan 2009|12:50am]
knit hat for sister

so many knit gifts!Collapse )
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my stash [24 Sep 2008|11:36am]
[ mood | busy ]

I am systematically going though ravelry with the intention of finding patterns for all my handspun. This is harder than one might think since I have a vagtrillion 40yd skeins of varying weight yarns. My kooky side says to knit them all into some kind of repulsive mass that I would never wear, but the logical side says I need to showcase each one with it's own fancy hat or whatever. I have done one such hat already with some handspun I receive in the Shop The Swap swap, which I am totally engrossed in.
Basically the idea is you put up crafted items with point values, usually ranging from .5-3pts and people use their points to buy things from you. When they do you get the points and you accumulate them and use them to buy other things. It's a great way to "cheaply" feed my fiber habit as I can get a few ounces of good merino for 2 points instead of 15 dollars and the gas money to drive to Bham. It has increased my trips to the PO for sure, but I am such a mail whore I can hardly complain.
I have also picked up my endpaper mits again after a long rest. I have knit a number of pretty big things since finishing the 1st and it seems all but time to start up again. The second one is just FLYING and I am nearly at the thumb gusset. huzzah!

without anymore blathering, the few things that I have knit in between all my spinning, and since my last endpaper. we will call it the Read more...Collapse )

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stuff a box! [17 Sep 2008|11:55pm]
non-spinning related?! whaaat!?!Collapse )
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New Yarns [16 Sep 2008|04:47pm]

Originally uploaded by sweaterpoorlyknit3
it's been too long!!

sorry! i have been spinning like a mother bitch.

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random flickr dump [31 May 2008|04:14pm]
I should have posted these earlier, as they are quite old...but oh well.

Photo 250
Photo 253
I finished 1.8 of these mittens.... I just need to finish the thumb on the second, how bad is that?
cascade 220 and locks that I received in a swap

The yarn and needles I posted before are quickly becoming endpaper mitts. the colorwork is dead easy. Of course i realized that I needed size 0 needles...on the plane. so i grabbed some while i was in annapolis. hehe

of course i didn't bring them along when i cam e home to my parent's house this weekend, so as not to distract myself... yaaaa
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my button [16 May 2008|05:54pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

finished this bad boy... yaaaaaa
I feel like I should have made the neck wider, ah well. I like it, it's cozy. The buttons are coconut, which I love.

Also got a magic yarn ball full of great stuff, including yarn to make endpaper mitts!

Photo 319
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tiny projects, big yarn [07 Feb 2008|11:23am]
[ mood | onion breath ]

so I have been piquing my knitting interest with wee projects to keep my hands busy and so forth. I blatantly ran out of yarn for my buttony sweater, but I'm kosher with that as it is just an excuse to spin more alpaca. hahah. I ordered 6oz more, and guess I will order 6 more before all is said and done. oh well.

more apple sweaters and spinny stuffsCollapse )
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fervor [25 Jan 2008|12:54pm]

Photo 180
Originally uploaded by sweaterpoorly2
my fervor for knitting has been re-ignited by soft, alpaca handspun and top-down raglan. ilu raglan

we will see if it continues.
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knitting Ennui II [24 Jan 2008|05:30pm]
[ mood | ennui ]

So, after my thoughts about my knitting rut I decided to take a bath. I lit candles, added good smelling bath bubbles, grabbed some beautiful bamboo needles and yarn that I had had in my stash since I 1st restarted knitting and knit a little garter-stitch square. I was still frustrated, but it was nice. Today I decided to scrap the mrs darcy sweater until I can get a decent yarn and start on buttony sweater

here's hopin'

in other news i bought intertwined today. *shhh* don't tell knitting I got new toys for spinning.

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Knitting Ennui [22 Jan 2008|09:52pm]
[ mood | ennui ]

Like any good relationship, my relationship with knitting is ever changing. When I first learned it was pretty monotonous, garter stitch every day, scarves, but i stuck by knitting through all the doldrums out of duty. After a while I forgot about knitting and was distracted by everyday life. Sometime my sophomore year of highschool i saw a ball of lime green homespun(the acrylic kind, not the nice, SPUN kind) and I went crazy with delight. I had knit a few other patterns before this, hats and other things in stockinette, but something snapped and I was hooked on the needles again. Soon I was the knitting girl. My grandma was thrilled. I went through little lulls here and there, but I have pretty much had a project on my needles at all time ever since. After I finished my dad's kilt socks, I tried starting firestarter socks for myself, but was discouraged. So I started Mrs Darcy, but swatching errors, yarn issues and gauge in general got the better of my and it was thrown on the heap. So knitting and I are..taking a break dare i say it?!
Any good, soothing patterns to spice the relationship back up? I am thinking socks, but if you all have other kinky suggestions go right ahead.

right now my relationship with spinning is getting pretty serious... I hope knitting doesn't find out...

BFL wool from sakina needles.com in "arctic salmon"--268 yrds

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yarn yarn yarn... what else? [14 Jan 2008|12:51pm]

beginning of winter quarter in yarnCollapse )
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[04 Jan 2008|02:11pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I am bloody frustrated. I am TRYING to start the firestarter socks
I figured they would be a nice challenge and also a great way to make MYSELF a pair of normal socks. I got some lovely yarn and am gouging my eyes out trying to figure this damn pattern out. BAH
i can't figure out the bloody cast on (do i cast on 30 or sixty... wtf?)

maybe i'm just too scattered right now to figure it out, but this is the first time...ever when I have looked at a knitting pattern in all my 12 years of knitting and been confused. :(

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my holiday knitting, finished [03 Jan 2008|01:07am]

My toirneach kilt stockings turned out wonderfully. I stitched up the toe of the 1st somewhere over the midwest as I flew to florida with my family and started the heelflap of the second on the flight home then finished the entire thing right after new year. easy pattern for the size of them and all. I really liked working on them and my dad loves them. He tried it on when we were on the plane and stuck his foot up in the air to show me it fit.
On the flight back a woman noticed my knitting sticking out of my bag and said "what are you knitting?" and i told her and she was impressed, then she told me about the baby dress she was making (baby dress with "an edge I have never done... i ripped it out twice") We bemoaned poorly written patterns and picot edges. It was silly and she said to her husband "see honey, we speak our own language" haha. It was really cute

I came back home and checked my mail which I had held until I got back from my christmas break and got my swap package from the "get all this fiber in the mail and spin it into something cool" swap. I also got the package I sent to my swap partner...back... ugh
anyway, here be the pictures of what I was sentlocks, sparkles and prettiesCollapse )
I also got a 50 dollar splurge at any yarn store of my choosing.... hmmm what to buy?
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